Powder Fire Extinguishers

This Extinguisher is suitable for most buildings, such as Hotels, Shops, Public Places, Restaurants, Industrial Units, Supermarkets and much more. Powder fire extinguishers are extremely versatile as they can be used on most types of fires. Powder fire extinguishers are the only effective solution for fires involving flammable gases due to their unique class C fire rating.

Care must be taken when using powder fire extinguishers so that no powder is inhaled, this is due to its harmful nature. For this reason, these extinguishers are not recommended for use in small confined areas where there is a risk of inhalation .

Suitable for use on:

Class A fires: Involving paper,wood, textiles and other materials consisitng of or containing carbon or its compounds.

Class B fires: Involving flammable liquids such as oil, petrol and spirits.

Class C fires: Involving flammable gases (propane, butane).

Electrical fires: Involving electrical equipment, for example computers and photocopiers.

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